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Vahan uses Artificial Intelligence based technology
to match job seekers and employers
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High volume recruitment at lower cost

Vahan's AI-based chatbot called 'Mitra' allows employers to hire workers in large volumes in a number of industries across India.

  • Reduce sourcing costs by up to 30%
  • Reduce turnaround times by up to 20%
  • Reduce dependence on hundreds of recruitment vendors

Access to 300 million people

Vahan has partnered with Airtel, India’s 2nd largest telecom provider, giving us the ability to run hiring campaigns across their subscriber base of 300M people.


Not just leads but high quality hires

We don't give you just leads. We ensure our qualified candidates get onboarded and start working for you.


Vahan is now an integral part of Shadowfax's growth and we hope that they will continue to help us meet and exceed our growth targets in the future.

Praharsh Chandra, Chief Operating Officer, Shadowfax

Get thousands of qualified candidates

Vahan's technology automatically qualifies candidates based on your hiring criteria. Documents? Prior experience? Language proficiency? Our AI checks them so you don't have to.


Our sourcing cost reduced by 40% in the first 3 months that we worked with Vahan! Vahan is the channel that will help us source at scale efficiently.

Prasanth Chandramouli, former Bangalore City Lead, Dunzo


We are 50%+ of Shadowfax's 3rd party sourcing channel and contribute 10%+ of their overall supply






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Working with Vahan has been a pleasure! The team is incredibly thoughtful and responsive and has been working with us with a strong win-win attitude in mind.

Saswata Shankar De, Chief Business Officer, SquadStack